News and Reports August 2014

VFW - 9/3/2014

News and Reports
 August 2014

The Adopt-a-Unit Quarterly will be provided in the October newsletter. Ensure you are staying up to date with your AAU reports and keeping VFW National Headquarters informed of all your troop support activities.
NMS Chairmen:
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NMS Budget/Expenditure Report for August
NMS Budget/Expenditure YTD report
MAP Grant/AAU/Attendance Report
Free Call Day Report

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August connections7,046
Free Call Days:  5,516

Virtual Pins: 1,530
September 2014, 3 Free Call Days
September.  11th, 14th & 29th
Sponsored by
Sport Clips  
Over 7.5 MILLION
service members have connected with their loved ones through Free Call Days since May 2006  

You can help support these calls home
Text "CALL" to 90999 for a $5.00 donation to
Operation Uplink.

Your $5 donation will provide 12 deployed service members a 10-minute phone call home to connect with their loved ones during Free Call Days.
August Grants
Families assisted: 15
Financial Aid Provided: 
 $ 33,821.75
You can help support  Unmet Needs
Text "NEEDS" to 90999 for a $10.00 donation
Your donation will be used to assist service members who have been affected by natural disasters and transitioning troops who recently returned home from deployment.

August Activity

# of Events: 10
# of Attendees: 4,284
Participating: 8

New Units Adopted: 3
Posts/Aux: 3

         Departments participating: 9
# of Attendees: 4,131

Memorial Commendations:
# of Casualties OIF/OEF: 5
# of Commendations requested: 6
 VFW NMS makes a difference in military lives every day!
military members and their families were supported through NMS programs during August 2014.